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Heart 2 Hands Healing Boutique

Thank you for visiting H2H Healing Boutique. My dedication to my and your healing through Reiki comes from my heart space. The goal is to provide Reiki charged products to support the healing journey. These products are made in small batches and reiki programmed to help support the needs of your healing journey. These products are crafted from My Heart and delivered 2 Your Hands!


Reiki ON Repeat monthly Subscription Service

H.0.E. Tote

This bag is perfect to pack for a weekend, take to the gym or keep in the trunk for those just in case situations! Our Healing comes first but the fun times are immediately after.

Tiny Hearts Collection- NOw Available

All Natural children's product line to help the tiny hearts we love so much healing, protection and spiritual well being.

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Money is abundant in the Universe and Aligned to Me

I'm Blessed

More About Mel

I have been practicing reiki for over 5 years. I have always had a love for body care and Aromatherapy. These loves lead me to pursue a certification in that field. I combined my knowledge and love for both reiki healing and aromatherapy to create these products. Along with being certified as a Reiki Master; I also hold a Life Coach certification, a B.A. in Business, certification in Herbalism & Aromatherapy. I love being a healing light and allowing my heart to shine brightly. My goal with my products is to spread the powerful energy of reiki to the world and help others start or maintain their healing journey. I love the healing abilities of reiki and how uplifting and freeing the energy can be. It's my firm belief that everyone should get to benefit from the universal healing light.

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