Recycle & Reuse

Recycle & Reuse

This program will allow for the purchase of items in recycled bottles as well as ship back your bottles and jars and have them refilled for a discounted price. There will be various items available. 

the process for bottle/ jar refills 

choose refill option below and purchase for $12. This will cover shipping to and from. I will Email you your shipping form. Next you will receive a questionnaire that allows you to tell me what all needs to be refilled. I will Then total your price and you can submit payment through PayPal, cashapp or Venmo. Once I receive Your package I will Cleanse any old products from the bottles and jars, sanitize and refill them. I will also relabel them if necessary as well. I will them ship them back. 

For discounted items there will always be a different set of products to shop through from the bottles and jars that I have.  For example, the bottles I buy For essential oils i will fill with products and make available for purchase. Or the bottles I purchase With body oil. I will also be using any bottles or jars I tried To use for products that didn’t turn out right. 

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